26th Jun 2014

Not even two weeks.

I have been home for just under 2 weeks.

My parents are moving right away. June 30th. My life has been a little crazy. To fill you in on what is happening, EVERYTHING is happening. EVERYTHING.

I am going to be in 7 states in the month of July and I will have no permanent address. I will be crashing in various homes until I move into my apartment. I have a full dufflebag, a bookbag, and an air mattress. Here I come world  America. :)

You think that I would have a boring life when I get home. Nope. I crave adventure and unusual assignments. This fits the bill.
I’m excited for all the people that I am going to spend quality time with as I house hop. However, I am going to miss out on some quality time with Andrew. Boo. 
Hopefully this will only be for July and that the girls and I can get an apartment or house by August. We need to start looking though. 

So that is all I got for now. It’s 10pm and I am 90% packed, but I am still trying to find a place for those stupid little items that I am not even sure if I want to keep. The moving truck comes tomorrow at 9am. Less than 12 hours. Beast mode activate (as soon as I get off the internet).

12th Jun 2014

Coming home

Im on my way home. Just a  few (okay, like 35 hours) I will be home.

It’s over. The tears have settled and the hugs have finished and now we are airport hopping until we are all back in our American homes.

I will miss Vietnam endlessly, but I will miss the people even more than that. My heart is aching as wait in the airport.

However, on a completely happier note:
I am returning home to my best friends, family, and my boyfriend :)

Yup, my boyfriend. You all saw it coming didn’t you? Good, should have let me know, I certainly didn’t. It only took this long because I am not allowed to have a relationship while with ELIC. So, now that the contract is over, so is my obligation.

Feeling pretty good and ready to be home (or back in VIetnam) 

6th Jun 2014

a not so special teacher

So, we took a test to reveal our love languages this year

My top love languages:
Quality time

My bottom: 
Words of affirmation

This week has been full of “Teacher, we will miss you, you taught us so much, thank you, etc.” I do appreciate it, but it doesn’t make me feel quite as loved as when they invite me to the beach or to get ice cream.

But this week has been especially hard. I have been watching the other girls receive gift after gift. It prob means a lot to them and I am not angry that they are getting gifts, I am sad because I have yet to receive anything.

I honestly thought that my last week I would get something. My Friday (my favorite class) even told me that they “made me a surprise.” I was thinking a picture, a notebook, video, or something. What they did give me was a cake for my birthday (granted, it was early and they sang), but Shelby had the same thing for her birthday and so did other teachers. Nothing really special.

I wanted to get an ugly clock or a weird figurine. I wanted to hang it on my wall and start conversations about it or just remember my favorite class, but I have not received anything. Which is kinda crushing. Classes are over, so that was it. If I didn’t get a gift, I don’t think I am going to get one now.

If my students didn’t invite me to karaoke or coffee than I would be in a much worse state. 

3rd Jun 2014

A few thoughts/conversations

Thoughts and conversations from today:

1. “Ew, this floor is really dirty. I should clean it.”
Wait, I leave in 9 days. PFT Not happening.

2. “Wow, I would never wear this outfit in America.” 

3. “5 people on a moto isn’t that rare. If you see 6, that happens once a year. Get 7 on a moto, that is once in a life time” 

2nd Jun 2014

Finishing that other post…

Wow, Where did I leave off? Oh yea, I left off just as I started (if you have no idea what I am talking about, please see the post below)


LANG CO. We woke up kinda early in the morning to take off and go to this beautiful city:

Told you it is an amazing island city. Seriously, I cannot imagine what it is going to be like to go home. I love it here too much.

We stopped a lot on the way up and down Hai Van Pass. Which is a mountain route from Da Nang to Lang Co. It was such a beautiful morning. Worth the moto tan/sunburn.

Here is the group:

we went swimming and ate amazing seafood. Gosh I love seafood. I love VIETNAM. I could honestly live her forever. I just started getting accustomed to everything here. 

You know it’s bad when you see pictures from the beginning of the year that you thought were strange and think “that’s not that strange now.”

After that epic day, I came back and wanted to rest, but we had things to do. Movies to download, things to upload, classes to get ready for and then I had the Vietnamese fellowship. Good, we are all caught up now.

Let’s keep this post short because I can pack too many things into a day.

I have eaten basically every meal out. Not often am I paying for things. Which is convenient and inconvenient at the same time. I need to get rid of this Dong somewhere…

I have gone to the beach a few times

I enjoy Kem bo (avocado ice cream) often.

I had a final class. IT FELT GOOD and bad. I had to seriously disappoint some students. But there project was late and I told them if it was late, I was not going to play it. Lesson learned.

I’ve been to the movies twice this week and I am going tomorrow too. What movies are going to be left for me too see?

I spent time with my class from last semester. I really like them, they are fantastic. They have huge personalities. Since it is the end of their second year, they have well developed friendships and it was easy to just make jokes and tease. (The English is also better, even better than the first semester! haha)

I had a dinner with my department to say goodbye. Which was sad, but infinitely more fun! They are fantastic people! I will certainly miss this group of teachers. This isn’t even all of my co-teachers. Just a group of them. I hope to have more of the teachers at my early birthday party on Sat.

I went to the beach with the best group of students ever. Seriously, favorite class and I am so happy that they are the last group that I get to see!! I
I know I shouldn’t have favorites, but this is my favorite class by far. I LOVE THEM! They took me out to kem bo (during class time, hehe. But I told them they had to speak in English. They did quite well).

I am so excited about the next week and a half, but also extremely sad. Let’s have moments like these linger forever because I am going to love being home too. 
When am I coming back? I need to hurry up and figure that out.

1st Jun 2014

Counting down

What an incredible week it has been. Ups and downs and I am just all over the place. I had amazing classes and I had classes that made me want to pull my hair out.
For the most part, I am FINISHED teaching. I still have classes. Shelby and I are presenting videos for the last week of class and I only have one class that I allowed the students to play games (if they were in English) and they presented them. Otherwise I am going to make them do a writing assignment. mwahah EVIL TEACHER!

Anyways, the movie project has been much harder work than I had expected. Actually, I expected this. But it is better than writing lesson plans, hands down! I also get to keep these videos of my students forever! First moments as  a teacher captured. 

The past couple days have been packed with things and I am still in the middle of many things (20 mins until another appointment)
Today i went to the local Vietnamese Fellowship with Kate, our student! That was awesome. I was so tired because yesterday we spent all day at Lang Co (an island city, which was awesome and beautiful).

Ggreat, just got a phone call that says “you don’t have permission to use the room” tomorrow. excuse me as i rescue my tomorrow.

26th May 2014

English Language Learner Moment

I’m not sure if is a joke or not when my good Vietnamese friend calls me Asley.

It’s not a pronunciation error. She said it over text. 
Too bad I have no room to talk. I cannot say her name either.

hashtag: stillfriends

26th May 2014

Popcorn for Dinner

It’s really nice to have no “work” left to do. No lesson plans, no required meetings, just whatever I want to do and want to schedule. Today, I had a really good last class (with 1 set of students), graded, napped, cleaned, and then went to the movies with Hollan. 

I thoroughly enjoyed today. Slowly, but surely, I am going to be losing students and friends and saying goodbye. BUT, this week is full of activities to ensure that I have the best last couple weeks in Vietnam. The fact that I am leaving doesn’t feel real.

This week is full of lasts. My last lesson with my Monday class was today. They were confused and sad. They said “Teacher, we would like to make an appointment with you.” I asked “for what? Do you need help on your film project?” The reply “No, we would like to have a party before you go to America”

I will sorely miss them, but my favorite class remains my Friday group. They win my heart. 

In other news:
I was talking to CYNTHIA SALGADO (hehehe) on skype the other day and it was quite encouraging.
She said that she could already tell that I am a different person even from just reading my blogs. It is good that people notice the change and (hopefully) will support me in this change. You might be wondering, “what is different? I noticed it, but I cannot think of it.” well, my friends, it is vulnerability. I want you to all know that.
I like that I have changed and I am going to ask that my good friends keep me accountable. Just punch me in the arm when I am being an invulnerable turd. I am afraid to slip back into my old, sheltered ways when I am back in the states, so really, please punch me if I do. Hard. 

23rd May 2014

Never get too comfortable

I did a silly, silly thing. I forgot that I should be expecting the …unexpec… no, wait, it’s expected. I should expect the expected. Read the following:

I was going to focus in on my students listening skills this morning. A 4 hour class devoted to listening and speaking better. I was going to work on them and play the CD and songs and things and the only things that I needed for every activity was…

Guess who woke up this morning and taught on the 5th floor with no electricity… This girl.
But I pulled a spare activity that I thankfully happened to have ready to go (from last semester)
They were insanely into it. I wish that I used my camera. There was so much enthusiasm and screaming. The game ended up having an exact tie. 58 to 58. The entire class exploded. I just took in the moment. It was great.

Friday morning, you are my new favorite class for dealing with my awful, awful unpreparedness and still having a great class.

Also thankful that the power came on for the last hour  of class!

18th May 2014

English Language Learner Laugh of the Day

When talking about different Vietnamese dishes…

My first year student: ”I love “Lau Cao” too lol. It tastes a big awesome